Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - Bonus Assignment


Step (1)

Create a new page on the wiki by adding your name to the table below as you see some of your classmates have already done.


Step (2)

On your new page insert a spreadsheet by editing the page and clicking on the Insert Plugin button.


Step (3)

Create a multiplication table that provides all answers from 1x1 to 10x10. You may type the number "1" into cells A2 and B1. You may not type any other numbers into the spreadsheet; every other cell must contain a formula. Also, use colour to make the spreadsheet more attractive and easy to read. When you are done "hand in" your assignment by leaving a comment with your name on it and a link to your multiplication table wiki page on the class blog here.


Dearly - A6  Tina - A6 Justin-A6   
Maximo - A6  serena-A6    
 Joyce - A6 mary-A6    
 James - A6  melchor-A6    
jay - A6 Almond - A6    
 junar-A6 Vincent-A6